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Boogaloo Sam was inspired to dance by watching the performances of The Lockers on television. In the year 1975 he developed the dance style known as boogaloo and in 1976 he created popping.

A year later still he put together a group called the Electric Boogaloo Lockers (later to become known as just The Electric Boogaloos).

His real name is Sam Solomon. The name Boogaloo Sam came about when his uncle would say to him, "Do that boogaloo." Sam was confused and his uncle explained to him that boogaloo meant getting down. From then on he adopted the name Boogaloo Sam.

Like locking, popping and boogaloo originated in the West Coast and are funk styles. Sam was from Fresno, California.

Though created by the same man, boogaloo is not as well known as popping. Boogaloo can be characterized by large fluid movements that can incorporate rolls of the hips, knees, torso and head.

The name 'popping' came about as Sam would often say 'pop' under his breath as he flexed his muscles and popped. And others would say to him, "Do that popping stuff."

The group Sam put together called The Electric Boogaloos practise Electric Boogaloo style. Popping and boogaloo are separate dance styles, Electric Boogaloo style is basically doing boogaloo and popping.

It isn't uncommon to do styles associated with popping and boogaloo as well from the same period and coming from the West Coast. These styles may include animation, floating and waving amongst others.

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